October 21, 2005

Yes, And Philly Too

Simmons, on Boston sports media people inexplicably referring to the Tedy Bruschi comeback at "selfish":

On FSN's local TV show in Boston, I watched one of these contrarians smugly making the selfish argument with the incredulous hosts for a few minutes, followed by the guy shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Hey, you pay for me my opinion." I have this on TiVo -- even saved it. And you wonder why the sports fans in New England are crazy -- if Boston fans are like passengers on an airplane who are afraid to fly, some of these media members are like stewardesses who just walk up and down the cabin screaming, "We're all gonna die! We're all gonna die!" Then they return to their little flight attendant area, high-five each other and wait for the checks to clear. What a travesty.
Stephen King once called this the "oh-my-god-my-ass-is-on-fire Boston sports media," yet at least they've won some championships lately; Philly's media, somehow, is 10 times worse.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 21, 2005 03:50 PM
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