October 24, 2005

More Linc Notes

Two things I forgot to mention in yesterday's post about the Eagles game:

A guy behind us shouted out, a couple of times after McNabb incompletions, "we need a white quarterback! This is why we need a white quarterback!" A Limbaugh fan, perhaps? Actually, the guy was black himself, and was apparently looking to goad surrounding fans into agreeing with him, so he could start a fight. Unheard of in Philly, I know...

And later in the game, some people in our section were asking who was the best quarterback in Chargers history. The most popular answer was Dan Fouts, though Drew Brees got some votes, as did Stan Humphries (who, in fact, took them to a Super Bowl). But then, of course, I thought of the obvious answer: Eli Manning.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 24, 2005 11:13 PM
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