November 03, 2005

Apparenly, the World Can Wait After All

Remember that huge anti-war/anti-Bush protest that was scheduled for November 2, called "World Can't Wait"? I first saw a flier for it when I went to a Dave Matthews concert in New York in July, then saw the same flier again in the City Lights bookstore, when I was out in San Francisco the following month.

The idea, according to their website, was to "take to the streets" across the country on November 2, the anniversary of Bush's re-election, and raise such a ruccus that the president would eventually be forced to resign. A coup, in other words. They also decided to use initials, WCW, that were previously most commonly associated with the failed pro wrestling league, World Championship Wrestling.

The website even managed to draw the "celebrity endorsements" of such luminaries as Mumia Abu-Jamal, Cindy Sheehan, Eve Ensler, Cornel West, Ron Kovic, Bikini Kill frontwoman Kathleen Hanna, former "Real World"er Kevin Powell, Howard Zinn, Gabriel Bryne (???) and, most surprisingly of all, Casey Kasem.

Anyway, yesterday was November 2, the big day, and....? Anything happen in your city? Did you "take to the streets" yourself? Anyone get the palpable sense that revolution was in the air? Did you even hear about this until after the fact?

No, me neither. I didn't even remember that Wednesday was the day until I heard a brief item on the radio this morning. In fact, it appears as though no major demonstrations took place in any U.S. city yesterday except for San Francisco- where protesting is like breathing- and only 8 people were arrested. That, and a few high school kids in New York who staged a walkout.

Not much doing in Philly, I'm afraid. People took to the streets, all right, but that was because of the transit strike, not anything related to politics. And no, in case you were wondering, President Bush has thus far today announced no plans to resign.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 3, 2005 09:31 PM

I know that around Columbia there were a plethora of WCW/Walk-out stickers posted advertizing something taking place @ 12 in Union Sq.

Then when I went to my sister's dorm on Tuesday, there were signs up telling people to "walk out at noon" in s sign of protest to the response to Hurricane Katrina...

It barely registered a peep. Nothing in the Spectator and all I saw in the Metro was a picture and a caption. Hothing of real interest

Posted by: jaws at November 3, 2005 10:58 PM

There was some high school protests in Minnesota. It was pretty neat-o to see all those high-schoolers doing ... you know... doing whatever it is high schoolers do.

No mention of any wrestiling though...

Posted by: Jeff S at November 3, 2005 11:15 PM

I took to the streets. To walk 2.5 miles to the train station. Because fucking unions have this city in a stranglehold.

Posted by: LilB at November 4, 2005 02:18 PM
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