November 09, 2005

The Rosenhaus Meltdown

The TO saga hit another high note on Tuesday, with Owens breaking his silence and delivering what sounded like a sincere apology to the team, coaches, ownership, and Donovan McNabb in front of several reporters on the lawn of his New Jersey home. Then he asked, practically begged, to be reinstated to the team. Owens even managed to get through the whole press conference without stopping to do sit-ups or push-ups.

But any goodwill engendered by Owens was quickly undone by a bizarre rant from his infamous agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who screamed for several minutes about how the team and the media had treated Owens unfairly, and that other players suspended for drugs and for scrapes with the law have not been as criticized as severely as Owens has. As though that somehow absolves him of being the worst teammate in the league. And then, when the assembled reporters asked Rosenhaus a series of tough questions about how, you know, he can justify his actions over the last year, Drew answered "next question" to about 15 questions in a row.

We already knew Rosenhaus was a borderline-subhuman slimeball. But now we know something worse: he's a bad agent to boot. On top of all his other clients he failed to get contracts for this year (i.e., Javon Walker), let's review what Rosenhaus has done for Owens since taking over as his agent: he's failed to get him the new contract, he's turned the entire city of Philadelphia (and most of the rest of the country) against him, he's gotten him kicked off the team, and he's depressed TO's free agent value this off-season by a factor of several million. As long as he was at TO's house yesterday, did he want to slash his tires and kick his dog, too?

I didn't think it was possible for Rosenhaus to do a worse job than Owens' last agent- the guy who forgot to file his free-agency paperwork- but I guess I was wrong. The grievance TO filed today shouldn't have been against the team or league- it should've been against Rosenhaus.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 9, 2005 04:01 PM

My favorite question was "other than getting him kicked off the team, what have you done for T.O.?"

Posted by: Tainted Bill at November 9, 2005 08:17 PM

Couldn't have said it any better. Imagine TO on a team such as the Patriots? That would be an ULTIMATE soap opera.

Posted by: Alan Wilson at November 10, 2005 06:03 PM
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