November 16, 2005

"Negative Images of Detroit," Also Known As "Images of Detroit"

The funniest story of the NBA season so far:

The Sacramento Kings were fined $30,000 by the NBA yesterday for showing derogatory images of Detroit on video screens prior to their home opener against the Pistons.

When the Pistons were introduced Nov. 8, the Arco Arena scoreboard flashed pictures of abandoned buildings, burned-out cars, piles of rubble and other negative images of Detroit.

But did they also show people wearing throwback jerseys, bling, and other items prohibited by the dress code?

If you think Detroit-bashing is in fashion now, just wait until February, when every sports columnist in the country has to spend two weeks there before the Super Bowl.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 16, 2005 02:05 PM
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