November 22, 2005

Bosox Bag Beckett

I was just complaining about baseball's uncommonly slow offseason when... news came tonight that the GM-less Boston Red Sox have swung a deal for Marlins pitcher Josh Beckett. In the deal, the Sox get Beckett and third baseman Mike Lowell (who can buy a house in Lowell, Mass. if he wants); they give up top prospects Hanley Ramirez and Anibal Sanchez.

A good deal, especially since the Sox inject some much-needed youth into their aged rotation, with a pitcher who once won a World Series against the Yankees. Lowell could benefit from a change of scenery, so long as he doesn't push my man Kevin Youkilis out of the lineup.

Ah, the hot stove warms up...

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 22, 2005 01:31 AM

They should sign Eric Milton and Bob Tewksbury, so they can live in Milton and Tewksbury, too!

Posted by: Jeremy Wahlman at November 22, 2005 12:47 PM
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