December 05, 2005

Anna Begins... and Ends

Anna Benson is back in the news. Once again the Hottest Met Wife* now that Mike Piazza and Doug Mientkiewicz (and their hot wives) are gone from the team, the spouse of pitcher Kris Benson has accused the Mets of attempting to trade her husband, in part because of Anna's recent negotiations to appear in Playboy. You'd think that with the new TV network in place the Mets would merely give Anna her own show ("The Anna Benson Lingerie Hour"?) and watch the money roll in, but apparently they're not as smart as I thought.

The funniest part of all? Anna claims that she's been "Miss politically correct the entire time we've been here." Except for the time, of course, where she threatened to schtup the entire team in the event of her husband cheating on her.

(*I can't totally vouch for this claim, having never seen the wives of Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, Paul LoDuca, Xavier Nady, or any of the other new Mets. But reports out of Boston suggest that Mrs. Manny Ramirez is quite the looker).

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 5, 2005 04:18 PM

What would a fight between Anna Benson and Jackie Christie be like?

Posted by: LilB at December 6, 2005 08:53 AM
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