December 08, 2005

Not Much of a Prize

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Philadelphia Eagles, starring quarterback Mike McMahon, running back Ryan Moats, wide receiver Reggie Brown, and lots of other people you've probably never heard of. At this point, they look more like a replacement team. I'm going to the game against the Giants Sunday- and you thought there was lots of booing for the Sixers last night.

Funny doings on Angelo Cataldi's WIP show this morning- they ran a contest to see which listener's life has been dealt the most misery as a result of the Eagles' poor season, with the grand prize being... tickets to Sunday's game. Why? So they can get even more misery? Haven't they suffered enough? Isn't this like someone getting food poisoning at a restaurant, and their friend trying to cheer them up by getting them a gift certificate to the same restaurant?

But that's only the second-dumbest thing I've heard on WIP this week. The dumbest was the caller who suggested to Howard Eskin that the Eagles fire Andy Reid- and replace him with Joe Paterno. Even Howard was shocked at the implausibility of the 78-year-old JoePa jumping to the NFL, but he quickly changed the subject back to pimping for his stupid bobblehead.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 8, 2005 06:13 PM
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