January 15, 2006

Here's the Scoop

Some brilliant satire from The Brushback:

RISTOL, CT--In a move designed to “counter the unique and often extreme viewpoints of columnist Scoop Jackson,” ESPN.com has hired a noted white supremacist to write a weekly column for its website. The racist, David T Bonham of the group White Power America, will address the issues of the day from a staunchly pro-white perspective.

ESPN.com editors said they were “very excited” about the prospect of having both Jackson and Bonham in the fold.

“We’ve had Scoop here for a while and he’s been great for us, and now we’re bringing in someone to offset his opinions,” said ESPN.com editor-in-chief John Schatz. “David Bonham will be the perfect compliment for Scoop, the yin to his yang if you will. Both men see everything in black and white, both are hysterically paranoid, and both are unabashed racists. The only difference, really, is that Scoop dresses a little better. He smells better, too, frankly.”

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 15, 2006 11:22 PM
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