February 06, 2006

I Got Soul

Went to the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League game Sunday afternoon, when they beat the Los Angeles Avengers. The game was lots of fun and we could actually hear the players speaking from our seats, and we even got to see the team's owner, Bon Jovi, perform at half time. And Richie Sambora seemed to be fine, despite announcing his separation from one of the world's leading beautiful women only days earlier.

When I told my dad I was going he expressed shock that the AFL is even still in business, likely remembering the disastrous, one-season run of the Minnesota Fighting Pike in 1996. We went to the home opener and a mascot, who was repelling down from the roof of the arena, got stuck halfway down, and they had to delay the start of the game while they hoisted him back up.

Arenaball is indeed an oddity, but it's a fun oddity, and it's caught on in football-mad Philly especially, where they sell out most games.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 6, 2006 04:46 PM

AFL is an awesome game to watch. Mostly because for like $10 you can get a seat right on the wall and actually feel "part" of the game.

That, and you get to keep the football.

I'll take AFL over NLL

Posted by: Jeff S at February 6, 2006 05:30 PM
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