February 16, 2006

College Newspaper Headline of the Week

From my old paper, the Justice: "Response to Vandal Must Not be Effete" I love that choice of words, even if it's most commonly associated with the man who represents Brandeis in Congress as their junior Senator.

It's a typical Brandeis story: a campus group (this time, the Christian Fellowship) had their sign vandalized- in this case the unknown vandal drew legs on the group's "Jesus Fish," and added the word "Darwin." A bit crude, perhaps, although it's sort of absurd to suggest that "intelligent design" theory is in any danger of gaining a foothold on the Brandeis campus.

The response, of course, has been to organize a candlelight vigil- which is always- ALWAYS- the solution for everything at Brandeis. I remember one month there were at least five of them. People in Waltham may often argue absurdly that "war has never solved anything," although they should also known that neither has a vigil. Anyway, columnist Matt Brown points this out and for that I give him credit.

He also tells us about how some other unknown vandals last year bastardized the sign of "B'Yahad"- the Israeli dance troupe whose name means "together" in Hebrew- and changed it so it read "B-Yach." On campus, this incident was likely treated as the equivalent of an actual rape, though off campus it's better known as "funny."

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 16, 2006 01:26 AM

Ah the joys of being out of the bubble. To most of the campus these things are still "funny" but it's always the candlelight vigil group who makes noise.

Posted by: jaws at February 16, 2006 08:21 PM
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