March 10, 2006

No More Keyshawning

Yes, "Keyshawning"- the practice of an NFL team de-activating a player midway through a season- is no more, as the move is banned under the new collective bargaining agreement. Whichever team ends up signing TO ought to take that under advisement.

Meanwhile, my Vikings are reportedly ready to dump Daunte Culpepper. I'll miss him, as I always enjoyed and respected him as a player, but in reality they don't know if he'll ever be the same again, and after a year like last year's, I'd want to get out of town too. And besides, I'm not so keen on checking every 10 minutes to see where Daunte's going, since four days ago I was checking every 10 minutes to see if Kirby Puckett was still alive.

And speaking of Kirby, his public memorial service is scheduled for this Sunday night. Let's hope it goes better than the Wellstone memorial.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 10, 2006 06:05 PM
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