March 29, 2006

"Sopranos" Thoughts

Another very good episode, I thought. And while the Tony-in-a-coma thing served its purpose, I'm about ready for the show to get "back to normal." And may I venture a prediction? The final scene of the final episode of the series will have Tony walking into that house.

A few other observations:

- Was Tony's vision of Los Angeles as purgatory/hell part of his fear about Christopher someday betraying him and going into the movie business? Someone pointed out that "Crystal Monostery" sounds a lot like "Christopher Moltisanti."

- Speaking of which, there's no way this movie-pitch idea could possibly end well. No one who willingly brings in Little Carmine as a partner deserves to succeed as an investor.

- Lots of wonderful little moments, my favorite being an angry Vito binge-eating carrots. He's all-but-certain to be whacked, whether it's for being gay, or just because he's generally an asshole, one who's almost comically un-self aware. Who else would describe themself as a "healthy man," after going from 350 pounds to 300? I bet he gets clipped by Phil after he finds out about Vito cheating on his cousin.

- Paulie's "conversation" with Tony was priceless as well. We know Paulie's not too bright, but did he really not notice the rising heartrate, and the beeping?

- I'm very, very glad we were spared the scenes of Janice nagging Bobby over the money he lost (after Silvio's ruling, RE: Vito). I guess the writers realized Janice couldn't possibly be more loathsome than she already is, and left it at that.

More to come next week; those upset with the lack of bloodshed the past two weeks should be gladdened by the image in the preview of Paulie whacking someone with a pipe.

Posted by Stephen Silver at March 29, 2006 01:15 AM

All in all, a very funny episode with how the gang all acted in thinking the worst for Tony. My favorite laugh was Vito grabbing Finn's arm and coming on to him, knowing it freaks him out.

Posted by: A at March 29, 2006 12:43 PM
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