April 04, 2006

TV Roundup


"Sopranos," Episode 4: I liked it, especially since they keep going back to the Tony-and-his-mother scenario, and that Tony sort of "samples" all different types of spirituality now that he knows he's alive. The best thing about the episode was the little touches: Tony sneaking a cigar outside the hospital; the "wallet biopsy"; Aaron's T-shirt from the Terri Schiavo vigil; the rapper's lawyer: "street cred is a problem, since you had a job for all those years"; and Paulie's mom taking the bus to A.C. (I've been on that bus, and it's always 40 women who look just like her). Next week: Johnny Sack gets out of jail for his daughter's wedding. As he was the best character on the show the past two seasons, it'll be nice to see him chewing scenery again.

"West Wing": I love the whole election thing, no question, and it's an absolutely sublime way to close out the series. But Josh sleeping with Donna? Don't know how I feel about that. Though that opening scene- with the whole Santos campaign pairing off into "campaign sex" pairs- was quite inspired. So we'll get the Leo funeral episode next week and then- let me guess- a rehash of the 2000 Florida recount, only set in California. Do we really need that? It was depressing enough in real life.

"24": So wow, Logan is Evil, and the whole idiot thing was an act. Sort of puts him in line with the general liberal critique of Bush ("he's really an evil genius, and is just pretending to be dumb"). I'm guessing in the end they'll depict Logan as a Fredo Corleone figure, a wimp so desperate to prove he's not a wimp that he's willing to betray his family/country.

But does this work with everything that's happened so far this season? Were he and Walt Cummings part of the same conspiracy and each didn't know about the other? That would explain why he was willing to kill the Russian president.

And why the big deal about Homeland Security absorbing CTU? If CTU existed, wouldn't it be part of DHS anyway?

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 4, 2006 12:34 AM
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