April 11, 2006

DeLay on the Links

With Tom DeLay resigning from Congress, we're finally now getting a complete picture of what a sleaze he was, with numerous former aides of his implicated in the Abramoff scandal and various other misdeeds. Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard has an excellent roundup of where the case is now, and I eagerly await his upcoming book, "The K Street Gang." Meanwhile, a Washington Post piece over the weekend by a former DeLay aide had this wonderful anecdote (as pointed out by TNR's The Plank):

In the meantime, [Ed] Buckham had become DeLay's chief of staff.... His win-at-all-costs attitude played out in strange ways around the office. He ran a fantasy baseball league that he always seemed to win, even if it meant browbeating young staffers into trading their best players to him.

The Plank had previously made fun of DeLay for claiming that he only went on that golf trip with Jack Abramoff because he "rarely gets to play golf"- considering that his house in Texas is on a golf course.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 11, 2006 12:06 PM
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