April 12, 2006

Sulu Agrees: "Crash" Sucks

I had the honor Monday night of meeting and interviewing George Takei, the renowned "Star Trek" actor/gay rights activist/Howard Stern announcer, who was in Philadelphia to kick off a nationwide speaking tour at UPenn. Having interviewed Leonard Nimoy a few years ago in connection with his most recent photography book, I'm slowly working my way through the original 'Trek' cast.

When I asked him about "Brokeback Mountain"'s loss of the Best Picture Oscar to "Crash," he gladdened my heart by agreeing that "Crash" was an especially weak film. "I've been an Angeleno my entire life, and that's not the Los Angeles I know," he said.

Other highlights from the interview:

- Asked if he's noticed, since coming out, any type of subculture of homosexuals among the "Star Trek" fan base, Takei pointed out that "they're very organized," sometimes even coming up with creative scenarios involving which cast members have paired off with which (he was referring to "slash" fanfic, I assume). He was clear, however, that the character of Mr. Sulu was not gay.

- Takei expressed his enjoyment on working as the announcer on Howard Stern's Sirius show. When I asked him how he feels about some of the more anti-gay humor sometimes featured on the show, he first defended Stern as a staunch supporter of gay rights, and then said he's always sure to call them on it when they make gay jokes. I actually heard Takei on WYSP's "Kidd Chris Show" the week before, and for a show with a constant refrain of "you're a fag, no, you're a fag," it was refreshing to hear them treat Takei with reverence.

- During the speech, Takei talked about his experiences in a Japanesse internment camp in Arkansas during World War II. I'd love to see that bitch Michelle Malkin try to look him in the eye after that.

- And in response to the famous "Star Trek: Liberal or Conservative?" question, Takei surprisingly said he considers "Star Trek" to be libertarian in his politics. I didn't see that one coming.

Here's the Daily Pennsylvanian's write-up of the speech.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 12, 2006 01:59 PM

Very cool interview BLOGGER!

Posted by: A at April 13, 2006 09:45 AM
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