May 01, 2006

The Draft

I only watched a bit of the NFL draft this weekend, as we were running around the Twin Cities for most of the weekend. I enjoy the draft, but I wish there were a bit less time between picks, and that recent poll- which found that 60% of fans are more excited this month about the draft than the NBA or NHL playoffs or the baseball season- is just mind-boggling to me.

The Vikings seemed to have a good draft, as I hear good things about Chad Greenway, and they were able to get a quarterback at the end of the second round. As for the Eagles, they were able to get two very good linemen, but I still expect their fanbase to go apeshit because they weren't able to trade for Javon Walker. Then again, you can never tell anything by draft day until they, you know, play the games.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 1, 2006 02:51 PM
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