May 06, 2006

Tony Soprano and Richard Codey

A posting from (I can't find the link; it was e-mailed to me) sheds some light on last week's "Sopranos" episode:

For those who are wondering how a State Assemblyman from Newark can get a police department in Morris County to drop attempted murder charges, the geography is easy. Ronald Zellman, the corrupt fictional legislator from the North Ward, could have had a legislative district that extended from Newark to South Orange, West Orange, Livingston and into East Hanover, where Tony Soprano picked up his son. The district could easily go from West Orange through Verona into North Caldwell -- Tony Soprano's hometown. This map, of course, would mean that Senate President Richard Codey is Zellman's running mate. Perhaps Jon Corzine was relieved that some fictional Governor of New Jersey didn't bail A.J. Soprano out of jail.
I had always wondered how Zellman, a white Jew, had been elected an Assemblyman in Newark. Helps to have mob ties, I suppose.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 6, 2006 01:46 AM
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