May 15, 2006

Gore on "SNL"

Yes, the bit was funny. (In case you missed it, the show began with Al Gore, as himself, sitting in the Oval Office, speaking as though he had been president for the last six years and none of the Bush-era calamities had actually taken place). But it seems a clearly calculated ploy by SNL to match the Colbert speech- do some pitched, anti-Bush satire that'll get the internet and lefty bloggers talking, and thus get e-mailed around the world via YouTube for several days, ala Colbert and "Lazy Sunday." It wasn't bad, though I sort of miss the days when SNL was at the forefront of this sort of thing and not playing catch-up.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 15, 2006 01:43 PM

Did you catch that the sketch appeared to be written by Al Gore's daughter? There was a credit in the scroll at the end of the episode...

Posted by: Lex at May 15, 2006 02:22 PM

I guess its good Gore can laugh at himself now even though the world is more fucked up than we know and your and my kids will be the one to carry the brunt...and PS: SNL Sucks! They need to fire half the staff and actors.

Posted by: A at May 15, 2006 05:49 PM

Did he mention how far the Taliban had spread in this alternate universe?

Posted by: Jim Treacher at May 17, 2006 03:16 PM
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