May 30, 2006

False Milestone

On the occasion of Barry Bonds' fraudulent passing of Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list, I give you this quote from Bill Simmons last week, which is such a perfect analogy that I can't believe I missed it myself:

"Bonds just isn't that compelling anymore -- it's a tainted milestone, he doesn't have any credibility, and watching him play baseball at this point is like watching Andre The Giant in the late-'80s, when he could barely move and wore those tights with the one strap over his shoulder. It's depressing."
At this point, I'd love to see Bonds re-enact Andre's late-'80s series of 30-second losses to the Ultimate Warrior, with Albert Pujols standing in for the Warrior.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 30, 2006 02:38 PM

The real problem with the "Steroids era", is that no matter what the truth is - MANY people will think that Pujols is a cheater too.

Posted by: Jeff S at May 30, 2006 10:50 PM
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