June 20, 2006

And You Thought It Didn't Happen There

News Item: Unruly Twins Fans Cited For Disorderly Conduct.

This comes after I introduced my dad to Philly sports culture, with a weekend of sports radio and a visit to Citizens Bank Park to see the Phils lose to Tampa Bay on Saturday. Like me last year, he assumed upon hearing the talk show callers that the Phils must be in last place (they're in second), and that the team must be 10 or 15 games under .500 (they were two under after Saturday, but have since won twice).

Still, the Fire Charlie Manuel movement is in full swing. I've never heard a home crowd cheer so loudly for the ejection of their own manager as I did Saturday.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 20, 2006 08:30 AM
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