June 26, 2006

A Managerial Meltdown

A minor-league baseball manager named Joe Mikulik had a meltdown for the ages the other night, one that truly has to be seen to be believed (video is included in the link).

Like any great artist, Mikulik incorporated "homages" to many of the greats before him: Like Lloyd McClendon, he picked up a base and carried it away. Like Lou Piniella, he later threw the base into the outfield. Like Billy Martin, he kicked dirt on the umpire. And like David Ortiz that one time, he returned to the dugout and threw multiple bats onto the field. Just a tour de force all around.

As coaching meltdowns go, this one is up there with the Jim Mora "diddly poo" rant, Hal McRae throwing the phone at a reporter, and Lee Elia's "playground of the fucking cocksuckers" speech.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 26, 2006 03:15 PM
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