June 28, 2006

"Superman Returns"

I saw it tonight, and yes, it's very good. A little too long and slowly paced, and Lex Luthor's evil plan made little sense, but aside from that Bryan Singer did a great job. Great action, some dynamite moments, and the look of the film was splendid too. Not quite as good as "Spider-man 2"- the superhero gold standard of the last 25 years- but definitely in the next tier.

I kept hearing for months that Singer had put all sorts of gay imagery and thematics into the film, but I saw none of that. Apparently, the studio made him replace all of it with Christ imagery.

Just a couple of questions: Why did Superman "go back to Krypton" at the beginning to search for survivors? Wasn't he worried about, uh, Kryptonite? And after all these years, why is Jimmy Olsen still just a cub reporter?

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 28, 2006 12:25 AM
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