July 06, 2006

And You Thought Baseball Had a Woefully Inadequate Drug Policy

Last week it was announced that two WWE superstars, Rob Van Dam and Sabu, had been arrested for drug possession after a routine traffic stop in Ohio. Since Van Dam's entire gimmick is that he's a stoner, and that his best-known catchphrase is "RVD 4:20," the entire episode isn't much of a surprise.

The two have thus been suspended under the WWE's "wellness program," a drug-testing regime so laughable that it makes baseball's system look totalitarian by comparison. Under the policy, wrestlers are trusted for drugs each year, and they are only suspended if they have more drugs in their system than they did the previous test. No, that's not a joke. I'd like to see Congress have hearings on that.

Anyway, the "wellness program" apparently doesn't include punishments for drug arrests, as RVD was suspended and Sabu was fined, and RVD was forced to abdicate both the WWE and ECW championship belts in separate matches earlier this week.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 6, 2006 03:07 PM
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