July 18, 2006

F T.O.

How do we know football season's coming up? Because once again, we're getting a new idiocy from Terrell Owens every single day.

Owens, who is to the NFL what Hezbollah is to international politics, earlier this week claimed that he was misquoted in his own autobiography, a charge just as ridiculous as it is unoriginal (Charles Barkley claimed the same thing, in the same town, 15 years ago). Then today, T.O. blamed "the media" for portraying him as a selfish bastard. Yea, it's all the media's fault. How dare they report the truth.

Would I be a bad person if I secretly wished for Owens to suffer a career-ending injury on the first play of the pre-season?

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 18, 2006 11:01 PM
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