July 26, 2006

Film Critic Quote of the Week

"It's a bit tougher to accept the filmmaker's appearance in Scoop as a professional magician named Splendini, who specializes in "dematerializing" women by means of a double-paneled box. Here is Allen as stammering self-parody; a pent-up bundle of tics and quirks so irritating that, halfway through, you may feel like ending the misery (his and yours) by clamping an ether-soaked rag over that long-beloved old face."
-Bill Gallo of the Village Voice, slamming the awful new Woody Allen film. The worst part, of course, is Allen's performance. Why does he keep putting his 70-year-old self in movie plots involving 20-somethings? But at least he doesn't make Scarlett Johannson his love interest. Posted by Stephen Silver at July 26, 2006 12:29 PM
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