August 12, 2006

Quote of the Day

"For instance, let's say Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David decided, "All right, we're making a movie version of 'Seinfeld.'" Wouldn't you have a certain level of expectations for that movie? If you paid $11 and it turned out to be a movie where Seinfeld was a famous comic battling a drug problem, Elaine was his mean-spirited wife, Kramer was a friend from drug rehab trying to help him out, and George Costanza was a former NFL player who served as Jerry's bodyguard and the movie was kinda funny, but totally different from any "Seinfeld" episode, only the movie was called "Seinfeld" well, wouldn't you be a little confused?"
-Bill Simmons, on the fallacy of the "Miami Vice" movie, in his summer movie roundup.

I agree with Bill on "Invincible," it was good, if a bit unoriginal (The "Rocky" and "Rudy" references are practically preordained). But it got the working-class Philly sports fan dynamic exactly right, and I was afraid it wouldn't; you have to love any Philly sports movie that opens with booing on the soundtrack.

Also saw "Beerfest" today, in preparation for an interview with two Broken Lizard members on Monday. The verdict: better than "Club Dread," but not as good as "Super Troopers." Lots of laughs, though.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 12, 2006 01:25 AM
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