August 15, 2006

Thoughts on the Vikings and Monday Night Football

- First of all, good to see the Vikes back. For some reason they were the last team to play a preseason game, with the Eagles playing twice before the Vikes did once.

- Even though they lost, I just got the feeling that things are different this year, and that the Tice era is dead and buried. Brad Childress really seems to know what he's doing, and I can tell the team is on the right track.

- That said, I hate, HATE, the new uniforms. They look more like the Chargers than themselves, with those goofy white stripes. Someone get Uni Watch on the line.

- Tavaris Jackson looked damn good at quarterback, especially for a guy who's not even supposed to be ready to play for a couple more years. Maybe that draft, which caused the team's GM to be fired a few days later, wasn't such a debacle afterall. Though it's not good news that #1 pick Chad Greenway appears hurt.

- Ragnar, the Vikings' mascot, was seen posing for a picture with a Raiders fan in the crowd. Another sight you'd never see in Philly.

- I generally liked ESPN's inaugural MNF presentation, as I'd been afraid they'd do something foolish, like change the music. And while all this time I was afraid Kornheiser would be an embarrassment, he actually impressed me. Not only did he stay awake to the end of the game, but he got the better of Joe Theissman in a late-game argument, when Joe put forth the ludicrous notion that the Packers should've dumped Brett Favre. (Apparently, the new MNF team has carried on the tradition from the old one that they must talk about Favre at all times, even if he's not playing in the game).

UPDATE: Paul Lukas of Uni Watch agrees with me, referencing "those horrific new Vikings uniforms."

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 15, 2006 02:29 AM
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