August 17, 2006

Ad Critic Quote of the Week

"I’m a golfer, but I’m tired of Srixon’s new ad campaign. The company that makes Srixon golf balls has a relatively new ad campaign in which a jive-talking golf ball rolls around and proclaims “GET YOUR SRIKS ON!” Srixon only has a few pro golfers as spokespersons, but one of them includes Fuzzy Zoeller (who referred to Tiger Woods as "that little boy" after Tiger won the 1997 Masters, and urged Tiger not to order fried chicken or collard greens). The ads are NOT clever or hip—they are tasteless and weak. Srixon needs to retire them."
-Blogger Blackprof. I saw the commercial for the first time tonight and thought the same thing about the "ghetto golfball." I don't want to say the commercial was questionable-veering-on-racist, but I heard the voice-over actor quit his job, went AWOL, and later resurfaced in Africa. Posted by Stephen Silver at August 17, 2006 11:15 PM
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