October 16, 2006

Quote of the Day II

"Many of the new Democrats in the House will hail from Red or Dark Purple states... They are also likely to be marginally more conservative than the Democratic mean... These new Dems will pull their caucus to the right. By "the right," read "social conservatism and foreign policy hawkishness." Democrats in tight races in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the rest of the swing districts are mostly running against voter malaise and Iraq war conduct, as opposed to the idea of the Iraq war. You're not hearing many Democrats rule out strikes on Iran or North Korea, and you are hearing many backpedal at Roadrunner-speed from citizenship-based immigration reform and gay marriage.

The idea that a Democratic Congress would turn the US into one gigantic socialist Islamic-loving Berkeley is completely ridiculous. But if you like corruption and incompetence from people who talk like conservatives, by all means go ahead and vote Republican in November.

-Commenter Vanya, on Michael Totten's blog. The Democrats, I'm astonished to believe, actually seem to be getting it this year. Granted, "getting it" much of the time entails "getting out of the way," but they're getting it nonetheless.

Notice, incidentally, that several of Michael's commenters have vowed to never donate or read his blog again, after he stated he would vote for local Democrats in this year's elections. How simple-minded and petulant can one get?

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 16, 2006 11:04 PM
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