October 17, 2006

On Baseball

With the Twins out, I guess I've been blogging less about baseball than I normally do, so I figured I'd catch up right now.

I'm thrilled about the Tigers making it to the Series, and I feel quite happy for their fans, who have been through quite a lot of garbage in the past two decades. Who could have guessed at the start of the decade that a World Series and a Super Bowl would both be played in Detroit the same year?

Regardless of who wins the NLCS, Detroit looks to me like an unstoppable team of destiny. But I expect the Mets to get by St. Louis, especially with Pujols not playing very well. And I say that even though the Mets are essentially dragging people in off the streets at this point and inserting them in their starting rotation. But they'd better close it out in 6, as I actually heard the words "Darren Oliver" and "Game 7 starter" in the same sentence the other night. Maybe they should pray for a major, days-long thunderstorm after Game 5, so that Tom Glavine can start both Games 5 and 6.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 17, 2006 01:08 AM
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