October 17, 2006

Me So Prescient

In last week's edition of ESPN The Magazine, which was published prior to Saturday's brawl between the University of Miami and Florida International football teams, there appeared a brief item offered by none other than Luther Campbell, the onetime frontman of 2 Live Crew, and also a longtime Hurricanes booster, on "how I'd fix the Hurricanes." That previous sentence should tell you a lot about the Miami program right there, and the fact that it appeared should tell you something about The Magazine.

Anyway, in the piece, Campbell argues that he should be named coach of the Hurricanes, because the team has lost its swagger. His biggest problem, as opposed to the old days? "We used to walk around wearing swagger scarves. We used to hit people in the mouth."

Someone, apparently, was listening. Especially about the "hit people in the mouth" part.

(This AOL Sports blog noticed this too.)

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 17, 2006 11:26 AM
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