October 18, 2006

Pete and Repeat Were On a Boat. Pete Fell Off. Who Was Left?

I was reminded of that silly old joke when I saw this bit in Bill Simmons' column today:

Q: Have you been keeping up on MTV's TV show "Two-A-Days"? I watched last week's episode where they showed Repete's dad and guess what his name is? Yes, its Pete. So you have Pete and his son Repete. I am thinking of changing my name to Pete so I can name my son Repete.
--Brendan Collins, New York

SG: But here's the question nobody is asking: When Repete has a kid (and for all we know, this might already be in the works), would there be family pressure on him to name the kid ThreePeat? And would he have to pay trademark fees to Pat Riley?

It's still mind-boggling to me that Simmons is still yet to address either the Christies' reality show, or the announcement that the Two Coreys are returning. He must not have BET J, either.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 18, 2006 03:23 PM
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