October 19, 2006

Met Gains

The Mets won Game 6 tonight 4-2 over the Cardinals (is it just me, or have there been tons of 4-2 games this offseason?), tying the NLCS at 3 apiece with Game 7 scheduled for Thursday night. It was, of course, the first Game 6 played at Shea since the Buckner game.

Iím pulling for the Mets for a few reasons. One, Iím friends with quite a few Mets fans and not any Cards fans. Two, itís sort of silly for a team with 83 wins (St. Louis) to play in the World Series. And three, if the Cards make it and play the Tigers, itíll be a rematch of 1968, and weíll be subjected to a whole week of think pieces pretending itís 1968 again, complete with Vietnam/Iraq parallels and every other journalistic clichť.

I felt the same way about the '04 NLCS between the Cardinals and Astros, because a Massachusetts-Texas World Series the week of the Massachusetts-Texas presidential election would have been just too much.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 19, 2006 01:08 AM
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