October 24, 2006

Philly Football Follies II

Soon-to-be-ex-Senator Rick Santorum appeared on “Hardball” tonight, as part of MSNBC’s full day of political coverage, in an attempt to save his faltering campaign. He attempted to argue that he’s more effective than anyone else at articulating the conservative position, and that’s the reason “they” want to get rid of him. Then he went into an ill-considered football analogy just as bad as the one when he invoked Tolkien (I’m quoting from memory, but this isn’t far off):

When you’re playing a football game, you don’t go out and try to injure the offensive guard. You try to take out their running back, or take out their quarterback.
Is Santorum under the impression that it’s the goal in football to purposely injure the other team’s best players? If so, that’s not so Christian of him.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 24, 2006 09:01 PM
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