October 26, 2006

Chutzpah Award Nominee

The biggest asshole in baseball, Gary Sheffield, reacted with outrage yesterday when he learned that the Yankees had exercised his option for next year. How much is the option for? $13 million.

This, despite the fact that Sheffield was injured most of last year, will be 38 years old next year, and played first base -badly- in the postseason after the Yankees traded for someone (Bobby Abreu) who plays his position.

"This will not work, this will not work at all," Sheffield told the newspaper. "I don't want to play first base a year for them. I will not do that."
My heart just bleeds for Gary, it really does. He and the Yankees deserve each other.

I was thinking about this today, while I listened to WIP and heard a solid hour of the hosts and callers ripping Donovan McNabb - because he hasn't yet apologized for missing the touchdown pass at the end of the first half on Sunday. Priorities, people, priorities.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 26, 2006 01:21 PM
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