October 26, 2006


Remember Christine O'Donnell? She was a mid-level conservative pundit who would appear frequently on Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, and various Fox News shows around the time of the 2000 election, arguing the conservative Christian case under the auspices of something called Savior's Alliance For Lifting Truth (SALT- strange for a far-right group to give themselves the name of a Jimmy Carter-negotiated arms control treaty. Sort of like Air America naming themselves after a Mel Gibson movie).

O'Donnell was primarily known for arguing about the "radical homosexual agenda"- and also being for being very, very attractive. She would say all the same things Laura Ingraham or Kellyanne Fitzpatrick would; the difference was, Ben Affleck would flirt with her while she did it.

Anyway, I noticed Christine hadn't been around lately, so I Googled her today and... she's running for the Senate in Delaware! Or rather, she was running- she lost the Republican primary this summer. This is a petition afoot, however, to draft her as a write-in candidate, against Sen. Thomas Carper and the Republican nominee, Jan Ting.

O'Donnell is certainly much better looking than the last guy Carper ran against.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 26, 2006 09:40 PM
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