October 27, 2006

Best Description of the '06 Vikings I Can Imagine

Bill Simmons, in today's NFL rankings column:

"THE ADAM SANDLER TEAM:Minnesota (4-2)

You know how Sandler's movies consistently make more money than anyone else in Hollywood, but if somebody argued in a room full of people that Sandler was the biggest movie star alive, everyone would think that person was crazy? Well, the Vikings are a little like that. They hang around, don't make mistakes, force 1-2 dumb turnovers a game and control the football with a superior offensive line (their one true strength). And if that's not enough, their Ewing Theory potential with Culpepper and Moss is off the charts. But if somebody claimed they had a chance to win the Super Bowl, everyone would pull the "You're crazy!" routine. Let's see what happens on Monday night against the Pats. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous."

Well as they're playing, I'm having trouble getting excited about this team. But if they beat the Pats Monday night, it'll get a little easier.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 27, 2006 04:18 PM
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