November 12, 2006

Eagles Fly Again

I was at the Linc today to see the Eagles snap their three-game losing streak with a convincing 27-3 victory over divisional rival Washington. The win, which brings Philly to 5-4, was the Eagles' first win in over a month, as the three straight losses were followed by last week's bye.

That month led to all sorts of hand-wringing in Philly, including the return of the asinine "does McNabb have heart?" debate, and a truly retarded talk radio brouhaha over whether the introduction of McNabb's clothing line during the bye week was a "distraction." By two weeks of this nonsense, it really was necessary to finally play a game.

Now, you would think that having their team get off to a commanding early lead, maintain and increase it, and dominate their opponent in every facet of the game would make the home fans happy. You would think wrong. The people around us yelled, booed, and cursed Reid and McNabb for more or less the entire game, especially on a couple of drives in which they had to settle for field goals. Yes, that's right, they booed throughout a 27-3 victory. And people wonder where the "Negadelphia" reputation comes from.

We got the tickets from a friend of my soon-to-be brother-in-law, and he had sat in the seats a couple of times himself. At halftime, he asked me if there had been a bald, fat guy with a mustache sitting behind us who had been yelling for the entire game. There was indeed (he had remembered that guy from previous games), but then I suppose there's a guy like that behind about 60% of the seats in the stadium.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 12, 2006 10:37 PM
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