November 21, 2006

Hard to Get Too Upset About This

News Item: Vikings Anoka County Stadium Plan Declared Dead

It's for the best, really. Blaine is just way too far away for most people in Vikings Nation, even if it's only for eight days a year. A stadium in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or (for old times' sake) Bloomington makes much more sense. I just hope it doesn't take ten years to come to fruition, like it did in the Twins' case.

The county backed out of the arrangement after the Vikings made overtures to Minneapolis, thus violating Anoka's demand for negotiation exclusivity. Yes, that's right: they broke up with the Vikings 'cause they wouldn't stop sleeping with other counties. No, Lake Minnetonka is not in Anoka County.

The Vikings' on-field performance, meanwhile, IS worth getting upset over. Few things are more demoralizing for a team than to enter the "easy" part of the schedule, and then lose four in a row. I guess all those other teams dumped Brad Johnson for a reason.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 21, 2006 01:19 AM
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