December 03, 2006


Slate has an in-depth interview with David Simon, the creator of the best show currently on television, "The Wire."

I haven't been blogging much about the show, mostly because I know very, very few people who watch it, and most posts I've done on it have gone comment-free. But I can say that this season has been absolutely phenomenal, and I eagerly await the finale when it comes online Sunday at midnight. I'll also probably do some kind of wrap-up after it airs.

For years I've watched "The Sopranos" and been wowed by it, only to go on blogs and boards to find at least half the watchers thought "that episode sucked." Nobody on any blog I read now has ever said that about "The Wire." In these cynical times, it's practically impossible to see such near-unanimous consensus about the quality of a pop-culture product.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 3, 2006 02:24 AM
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