December 04, 2006

The Wolves Come to Town

I was at Wachovia Center last night for the Timberwolves' victory over the Sixers, in a battle of struggling NBA teams who each have one superstar and 6 or 7 awful, untradeable veterans. The Philly fans welcomed back former Villanova star Randy Foye, but there were nonetheless many, many empty seats.

It was good to see the Wolves again, as they looked pretty good, and it was even better to hear today that Kevin Garnett does not want to be traded.

But, just as I said last week that I feel like wrestling is starting to pass me by- I'm beginning to feel the same way about basketball. For some reason the game just isn't that interesting to me anymore. I think I've watched about two NBA games on TV this year, and while I always watch the playoffs, I just for some reason seem to have lost interest. Then again, it might just be because neither my hometown team now my present-town team seems to have any idea how to put an exciting team on the floor.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 4, 2006 02:15 PM
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