December 14, 2006

Banning Bling Bling?

For as long as women exist in the world, I have trouble believing that the Anti-Diamonds Movement will ever gain much traction.

But thankfully, as Philadelphia Weekly tells us, we've got people standing up for the cause: a Philly-based group called the African People’s Solidarity Committee- which is, you guessed it, "primarily white." Reminds me of that all-white group I saw protesting the Republican convention in 2004, who called for a "second Civil War" to free African-Americans from "continuous slavery."

PW says the APSC is handing out fliers and protesting outside the opening of the new movie "Blood Diamond." But wait- isn't "Blood Diamond" in line with their cause, in drawing attention to diamond-driven wars in Africa? Their argument is that the movie doesn't go far enough.

That's always the sign of an ineffective political movement, that they see those friendly to their cause as enemies. Kind of like the guy in my high school class who yelled at Paul Wellstone for not being sufficiently committed to the environment.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 14, 2006 01:19 PM
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