December 15, 2006

The Corrections

The excellent blog Regret the Error has come out with its annual list of the best corrections, apologies, and other contrition from various U.S. newspapers in the last year. Here's my favorite, from the Chicago Tribune:

"An editorial in Friday’s paper incorrectly stated that Florida Cresswell, a candidate for state representative in the 28th District, was convicted in 1999 of battery and stealing Tupperware. In fact he was convicted of stealing a battery from a van as well as Tupperware that was inside the van."
First runnerup, I'd say, is the hockey boxscore that reported that the Senators were "outshit" (as opposed to outshot) by the Sabres.

But somehow, the list completely omits the Kerry Wood labrum/labia gaffe, which was probably my favorite of the last five years.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 15, 2006 02:06 PM

Depending on the circumstances, stealing something from inside a van (his real crime) can be a more serious crime than battery (the crime mistakenly attributed to him). In every jurisdiction I'm aware of, simple battery is a misdemeanor, while burglary of conveyance is a felony.

Posted by: Dave J at December 17, 2006 01:36 PM
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