December 16, 2006

Tough Crowd

I went the other night to the "Holiday Comedy Spectacular on Ice," the annual comedy show put on by WYSP's hilarious "Kidd Chris Show." And let's just say it's the first comedy show I've ever been to in which more than half the comedians were booed off the stage mid-act.

It was a fun event, and several of the comics - especially Bob Levy, Chris McDevitt, and Ed McGonigal - were actually quite funny. But the crowd was so rowdy and hostile that they made the typical Philly sports audience look downright lucid by comparison. Even the evening's headliner, Colin Quinn, was booed off the stage and had a beer thrown at him.

Still, this may have been the highlight of the evening.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 16, 2006 03:24 PM
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