December 19, 2006

The Tarvaris Era Begins

The Vikings, coming off Sunday's pretty-much-season-ending loss to the Jets, will start Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback against the Packers on Thursday, bringing the second Brad Johnson era in Minnesota to a close. And to think- a few months ago, the Vikings were actually chided for not giving the 38-year-old Johnson an extension. The growing Garcia-over-McNabb chorus in Philly should take note.

I like the move to start Jackson. The team's going nowhere, so we may as well see where the rookie can take them. I can imagine him going into next year in a training camp battle with a veteran (probably Garcia, Jake Plummer, Brian Griese, or Trent Dilfer), and taking over as starter in mid-'07 after that guy falters.

And, as you may have noticed from those NFL Network ads, the game may be Brett Favre's last start in Green Bay. Hopefully Jackson can make this game memorable for a reason other than that.

Meanwhile, this Minnesota sports fan has a list of holiday wishes, nearly all of which I share. He also shares the shocking-but-true statistic that the last time a Minnesota team won a playoff game was on January 9, 2005- when the Vikings beat the Packers in the Randy Moss mooning game. Doesn't that feel like it happened five years ago?

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 19, 2006 02:23 AM
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