December 21, 2006

Who Scooped A.I.?

Ever since Allen Iverson was traded to Denver last week from Philadelphia, ESPN has claimed that they in fact broke the story. Not so, says the Philadelphia Inquirer's David Aldridge- he claims he was the one who broke it and deserves attribution. He's right- I first heard of the trade from an Aldridge-bylined story on, and ESPN did not yet have it up at the time.

Complicating matters: Aldridge, of course, used to work for ESPN, while ESPN's #1 basketball guy, Stephen A. Smith, writes his weekly column for the Inquirer. Of course, Smith is only nominally an Inquirer columnist at this point, since he hosts five-day-a-week TV and radio shows from New York, and has been known to dictate his column on his Blackberry during breaks of his TV show.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 21, 2006 01:17 PM
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