December 29, 2006

Music Critic Quote of the Week

"At this point, 2Pac has been dead so long that he's less a contemporary rapper than a historical figure like Jesus or Abraham Lincoln, neither of whom have released new albums in quite some time. Granted, Pac's Life isn't quite as inessential as previous Least Essential fixtures The Rose That Grew From Concrete Volume 2 (a second disc of music inspired by 2Pac's poetry) and 2003's remix collection Nu-Mixx Klazzics but a half-ass "2Pac Karaoke" vibe nevertheless reigns as guests like Papoose, Keyshia Cole, and Chamillionaire "collaborate" with an icon who's been dead longer than they've been around."
- The Onion AV Club, on their highly entertaining list of the Least-Essential Albums of 2006. Who's #1? K-Fed, of course. Posted by Stephen Silver at December 29, 2006 03:19 PM
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