February 01, 2007

Sportscaster Critic Quote of the Day

Robert Weintraub, of Slate:

"[Joe] Buck, the voice of Fox baseball and football, is the definition of occupational mediocrity... The son of legendary St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck, Joe is a charter member of the sportscasting legacy society, at the mike more because of his last name than his overwhelming talent. Like another beneficiary of nepotism whose last name is four letters long and starts with "B," Joe evinces smugness in the face of extraordinarily low approval ratings. Check out this Holiday Inn commercial in which a bunch of worshipful dudes corner him at the hotel bar. These are the sportscaster equivalent of Bush campaign rallies, where only supporters were allowed in, and anyone wearing an opposition T-shirt got kicked out."
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the Bush/Buck parallel.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 1, 2007 07:33 PM
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