February 06, 2007

Against Wing Bowl

I'm late to this, but Will Bunch of Attytood has posted a very funny anti-Wing Bowl rant. My favorite part (and something I've noticed myself):

Is there anything that makes for worse radio in the morning than the audio of some glutton devouring a bunch of cow tongue or sausage muffins or cheesesteaks, and a bunch of guys in the studio shouting, "Oh wow, you gotta see this," or "Oh wow, looks like he's gonna puke!"

Call me a sports geek, or call me crazy, but the reason I listen to WIP (a lot..the other 10 months of the year) is to hear people talk about trading Jon Lieber for a set-up man, or whether the Sixers need to draft a center or a power forward. The comedian Martin Mull once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. True, but dancing about architecture would be more entertaining than PEOPLE EATING ON THE RADIO!

Yea, it really gets away from the WIP morning show's other Great Radio staple the rest of the year: leering interviews with strippers.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 6, 2007 07:16 PM
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